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Tide is Turning in Favor of 2nd Amendment

Over the past several months, thousands upon thousands of people have come out of the woodwork to express their opinions on firearms in the United States. As the Obama administration has harped upon the Sandy Hook incident as its impetus for enacting further control upon the American people, there are now multiple indicators that point to a changing of the tide.

Various polls that have been recently conducted show that the percentages of people who support an assault weapons ban and universal background checks has decreased significantly since those same types of polls were conducted in December 2012. Though gun control legislation has been passed in Colorado, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York, Congress will be hard-pressed to gain enough support in the Senate for bills such as S. 649 being crafted by Sen. Harry Reid. The NRA has shown its might in mobilizing a vast lobbying effort at the grassroots level, and even smaller gun rights groups such as the National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) have been very effective. In particular, talks that had been occurring between Sen. Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Coburn (R-OK) in an effort to reach a “compromise” on universal background checks has since fizzled out, mainly due to the influence of GOA.

In addition, a growing list of states have taken matters into their own hands by proposing and enacting new legislation at the state level which seeks to protect 2nd Amendment rights. Wyoming, Kansas, Arkansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Montana, and Texas all have joined the ranks of states that have had enough of federal encroachment.

The impact of this huge hot-button issue has enormous economic implications as well. High-profile firearms components manufacturer Magpul has officially announced at the end of March that it will manufacture its first component outside the state of Colorado in 30 days. Several states have vied to become its new home, but Magpul has not yet made public where it is moving to. Other big-name gun manufacturers such as Maryland based Beretta and Connecticut based Colt have also publicly discussed the possibility of relocating to other states that are more gun friendly.

It’s still vital that we all continue to contact our state senators and representatives, as well as US senators and representatives to express our absolute opposition to gun control. Let the people speak!


From Lead Bullet Ban to Gun Taxes

As if the proposed assault weapons ban being proposed by Senators Feinstein and Schumer wasn’t enough, we now have watched the latest in the gun control debacle escalate to the level of insanity: a proposed ban of LEAD BULLETS. Yes, you heard right, lead bullets. This is a proposal that was introduced this week by California Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, who represents the Long Beach area. The proposal is being pushed under a “green” agenda and it’s supposedly meant to protect the California Condor…a BIRD!

I’m not sure what these people are thinking, but it seems to me that now the state of California is broadcasting to the entire world: “We don’t care about letting our citizens protect themselves from murderers, but we do care about protecting BIRDS!” This is ridiculous. Anybody who lives in California must contact Anthony Rendon’s office as well as the other Assemblymen to voice opposition to this proposal. Rendon’s blatant goal is to generate additional interest in other states by convincing them to ban lead bullets there as well.

What is the alternative to lead bullets? Plastic?

Additionally, several states including Nevada, New Jersey, and Illinois are also considering state legislation that would add various taxes to gun purchases. These measures fit very conveniently into the anti-gun agenda by taxing guns to the point where less citizens will buy them, and thus effectively disarm even more people. Furthermore, Colorado, Washington, and other states are passing state legislation that makes it illegal to buy and sell firearms between private individuals. This comes along with mandatory background checks, which then will lead to gun registration.

Those of you that have not contacted your elected officials at both the state and federal levels need to wake up and speak your mind. Otherwise, we are about to see one heck of a lot of people who lose their rights by this summer.

States On Track to Nullify Federal Gun Control

Believe it or not, not all government is bad.  Fortunately, numerous state legislatures have drawn a line in the sand and preemptively made bold statements to the federal government promising to refuse to enforce any new federal legislation or executive orders handed down from Washington on or after January 1, 2013.  Some states, including Texas, have gone a step further to make provisions in a bill to create a misdemeanor if any official attempts to enforce these federal restrictions, punishable by jail time. As of early March, here are the states that currently are considering or have already passed nullification legislation of gun control:  Texas, South Carolina, Wyoming, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Utah, Oregon, North Dakota, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alaska, Montana, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Georgia, North Carolina, and potentially others.

Even in historically and predominantly anti-gun states such as California and New York, local county sheriffs are coming forward publicly to denounce the federal encroachment and are guaranteeing their constituents that they will NOT assist federal law enforcement in any manner pertaining to the attempt to restrict gun rights to law-abiding citizens.

In Texas, Attorney General Greg Abbott, who has an excellent track record of representing Texans in court to protect their freedoms, has also promised that if the state legislation passes to nullify federal gun laws, he will fight in court to protect the citizens of Texas to prevent them from being charged with any crime for resisting this overreach. This protection would also include employees of the state, as well as any state law enforcement officials.

Some of the same states (including Texas) are following in Montana’s footsteps to pass legislation which would render federal gun laws or executive orders that take effect on or after January 1, 2013 to be null and void with respect to firearms manufactured wholly within the state. These firearms would not be subject to Congress’ jurisdiction, as Congress only has legislative authority on commerce that extends beyond state lines. Intrastate commerce, however, is a function of the responsibility of the state government to regulate, as provided for under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In other words, if a gun manufacturer made an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine entirely with parts found within Texas, and the assembly took place in Texas, this bill would exempt it from being subject to any so-called assault weapons ban. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what we call states’ rights, and the states that are standing up to the federal overreach are shining bright in this hour when America is on trial to determine if we will or won’t remain a free nation.