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Tide is Turning in Favor of 2nd Amendment

Over the past several months, thousands upon thousands of people have come out of the woodwork to express their opinions on firearms in the United States. As the Obama administration has harped upon the Sandy Hook incident as its impetus for enacting further control upon the American people, there are now multiple indicators that point to a changing of the tide.

Various polls that have been recently conducted show that the percentages of people who support an assault weapons ban and universal background checks has decreased significantly since those same types of polls were conducted in December 2012. Though gun control legislation has been passed in Colorado, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York, Congress will be hard-pressed to gain enough support in the Senate for bills such as S. 649 being crafted by Sen. Harry Reid. The NRA has shown its might in mobilizing a vast lobbying effort at the grassroots level, and even smaller gun rights groups such as the National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) have been very effective. In particular, talks that had been occurring between Sen. Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Coburn (R-OK) in an effort to reach a “compromise” on universal background checks has since fizzled out, mainly due to the influence of GOA.

In addition, a growing list of states have taken matters into their own hands by proposing and enacting new legislation at the state level which seeks to protect 2nd Amendment rights. Wyoming, Kansas, Arkansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Montana, and Texas all have joined the ranks of states that have had enough of federal encroachment.

The impact of this huge hot-button issue has enormous economic implications as well. High-profile firearms components manufacturer Magpul has officially announced at the end of March that it will manufacture its first component outside the state of Colorado in 30 days. Several states have vied to become its new home, but Magpul has not yet made public where it is moving to. Other big-name gun manufacturers such as Maryland based Beretta and Connecticut based Colt have also publicly discussed the possibility of relocating to other states that are more gun friendly.

It’s still vital that we all continue to contact our state senators and representatives, as well as US senators and representatives to express our absolute opposition to gun control. Let the people speak!


Magazine Bans Kill

This is a VERY thought-provoking video of what a “high capacity” magazine ban really accomplishes. It includes video clips of actual armed thugs breaking into homes and businesses, documenting how armed, law-abiding citizens deter these thugs from killing people. See for yourself and write your elected officials at both the state AND federal levels to voice your opposition to ANY magazine bans of any kind!

From Lead Bullet Ban to Gun Taxes

As if the proposed assault weapons ban being proposed by Senators Feinstein and Schumer wasn’t enough, we now have watched the latest in the gun control debacle escalate to the level of insanity: a proposed ban of LEAD BULLETS. Yes, you heard right, lead bullets. This is a proposal that was introduced this week by California Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, who represents the Long Beach area. The proposal is being pushed under a “green” agenda and it’s supposedly meant to protect the California Condor…a BIRD!

I’m not sure what these people are thinking, but it seems to me that now the state of California is broadcasting to the entire world: “We don’t care about letting our citizens protect themselves from murderers, but we do care about protecting BIRDS!” This is ridiculous. Anybody who lives in California must contact Anthony Rendon’s office as well as the other Assemblymen to voice opposition to this proposal. Rendon’s blatant goal is to generate additional interest in other states by convincing them to ban lead bullets there as well.

What is the alternative to lead bullets? Plastic?

Additionally, several states including Nevada, New Jersey, and Illinois are also considering state legislation that would add various taxes to gun purchases. These measures fit very conveniently into the anti-gun agenda by taxing guns to the point where less citizens will buy them, and thus effectively disarm even more people. Furthermore, Colorado, Washington, and other states are passing state legislation that makes it illegal to buy and sell firearms between private individuals. This comes along with mandatory background checks, which then will lead to gun registration.

Those of you that have not contacted your elected officials at both the state and federal levels need to wake up and speak your mind. Otherwise, we are about to see one heck of a lot of people who lose their rights by this summer.

1st & 2nd Amendments Joined At the Hip

When it comes to unalienable rights that were endowed upon mankind by our Creator, these rights are a whole package, and as such, are inseparable. To storm down the doors of our state capitol buildings, city halls, county courthouses, and any other public place touting the right to free speech at the expense of snuffing out the right to keep and bear arms is ILLEGAL.

The only reason any of us have the right to free speech is first because it was given to us by God, and secured for us by the first amendment. And the SAME logic applies to the second amendment. It is not tolerance for gun violence prevention groups to stand on their bullhorn and rant about the need to lock down the freedoms of American citizens to keep and bear arms, all the while attempting to deny the same people their own right to keep and bear arms!

What if the pro-gun movement were to begin spreading a message that today’s “modern” interpretation of the first amendment wasn’t REALLY meant to guarantee the right to free speech? There would be an outrage. Yet, these same anti-gun movements are using the same line of thinking to legislate out of existence the God-given right to keep and bear arms.

This will go to the Supreme Court again, and again, and again. And the people will not stop speaking up for what they believe in. It does not matter how much you try to legislate it out of existence. The right shall not be stripped from the people.

What Does Feinstein’s Gun Ban REALLY Say?

I’m sure you have heard a plethora of misinformation, just as I have, about Dianne Feinstein’s plan to ban assault weapons, “high capacity” magazines, pistol grips on rifles, as well as institute mandatory background checks for all citizens to purchase firearms, and implement a federal gun confiscation program.

But have you heard that this ban would also make it illegal to transfer your firearms to another private citizen, INCLUDING your own children? Instead, when you die, it would be required to pass on the firearms to none other than the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It is vitally important that if you live in California, New York, Minnesota, Illinois, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont, and Hawaii, you MUST write and call your Senators represented on the US Senate Judiciary Committee to tell them you oppose both Schumer’s gun control bill and Feinstein’s weapons ban bill.

For a list of the entire Senate Judiciary Committee, click this link:

All the Democrat members of the Committee want to take away your guns. Tell them you won’t give them up.

I recommend this article from the Orange County Register which sheds some truthful light on Feinstein’s intentions:

And, as if it weren’t enough, did you know that Feinstein herself carries a concealed weapon? But yet she is the one who thinks it’s OK for the government elite to be armed but not the private citizen! Check out this article:

Keep AND Bear

Far too often, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is construed to mean something that would make our founding fathers roll over in their graves.  This is what the cherished Amendment states: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The propaganda that mainstream media is pushing down the throats of millions of uninformed Americans is nothing but advertising, paid in full by the globalist elitists who hypocritically in one breath reason that disarmament of all American citizens is the entitled right of the federal government, but yet in the next breath will tell us that they themselves are licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Our own legislators are living a double standard and essentially are an affront to the very foundations of our nation as one which guarantees that the people shall not in any way be subject to the tyranny of government.

It is no wonder that millions of people have been brainwashed into believing that the Second Amendment can be reduced down to nothing more than permission to duck hunt with a shotgun. Every tyrannical regime in history disarmed its people by convincing the people that the government is there to protect them from all evil, but all the while, it is none other than the government itself which committed the greatest and most horrific acts of atrocity. Only a superficial review of even recent history will reveal such plots by dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-il, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, and many others. Our own president’s policies are strikingly similar, and the liberal minions who are very well-proliferated throughout our government make no apologies in yanking the rights of the people, little by little, until they are gone.

A right un-exercised is a right lost. The Second Amendment is a codified guarantee of a natural, God-given right to the citizens of America, and we must exercise this right firmly but peacefully, and demonstrate to the naysayers that WE, law-abiding citizens, are NOT going to stand idly by and be the target of punishment and infringement of freedoms at the expense of the criminals’ who are not being prosecuted and imprisoned and yet will continue to break every new law that is ever enacted, because criminals do not have any regard for the law!

I don’t have my rights yanked because of a criminal who broke the law! This is a justice system at its worst! Since when is it a justified practice that an innocent person be punished for the crime that another committed? It is preposterous and must be stopped!

What is the definition of the word “keep”? In my mind, I think of the concept of possession of private property. I have a right to keep, possess, store, hold, and use the property that I own. The Second Amendment is a contract between the people of the United States and the federal government of the United States guaranteeing that we shall KEEP AND BEAR our arms!